Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birthday Recap

Hello Everyone, 

Finally the Lady has left the computer on and left the room, now I can tell you about my birthday party. First, I really like the decorations. I am not sure why there are so many pumpkins, but I like it! The card came from my friend Julie and the candle was a gift from my new Grandma. I also got the leopard spotted toy.

Pumpkin, card and candle. 


For some reason small children kept coming to the door and the Man and the Lady gave them boxes filled with juice and the Lady wore a strange hat. 

The Lady in her hat.

Once the Man came home, Julie and Joan came over and we all ate supper together. I had a lovely fish dish and I think they all had something called Hungarian Goulash.



Then after everyone was gone I did a birthday tarot reading for myself. I have a wonderful deck called the Tarot for Cats.  Hmmmm...I think it says that I am wonderful. 




AlanSmithee said...

Yes. I am a tarot expert and that totally says you're wonderful.

Thomas Willerich said...

Hello Hawthorne, have you noticed that the Lady's hat and clothing have the same color as your fur? That's a strong evidence that she loves you!

I see you enjoyed your sardine cutlets (though, to be honest, I would prefer the Hungarian Goulash, especially this variant without tomatoes).

jkm said...

I am glad you had a Happy Birthday Hawthorne!
Good to see you had a great reading as well.
I hope your visit to the vet will be OK!
Have a good day, see you soon,

Ronda Kisner said...

Vet? What vet? I am not going to the vet. I am sitting in the window watching birds.