Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Trip to the Vet

Hello Everyone,

Well...I have had a very bad day. I ended up getting two shots, a microchip implanted and having to take medicine! You see I was happily sitting in my window when the Lady came in and somehow I ended up in my carrier. I wasn’t too upset about that, even when we got in the car. (Though in the back of my mind I was hoping she was planning on bringing me home again!) It turned out that we did not have far to go and soon we were at our destination, Foley Boulevard Animal Hospital, otherwise know as THE VET!!

Me happily in my window seat.

Me not so happily in my carrier.

We met with Dr. Mc Hale. He was nice to me, but he did some things to me that I did not like. I was possibly  bit grumpy at him by the time we left. He examined me, gave me those before mentioned shots and implanted a HomeAgain microchip. Then he tested my stool sample. ~Oh hey! That explains why the lady was carrying a baggie with my poo in it. I had thought that was a bit odd!~ Anyway, it turns out that I have roundworms and I have to take medicine AND I will not get to see Ellie tomorrow. Actually I don't know who Ellie is, but I heard the lady call to cancel our play-date. It seems I need to stay away from young children. So sad, I like to play! It also seems that I am older than I thought, so I guess I am four. And…I am still underweight by a pound. I guess that means... I get to EAT MORE!!!

Dr. Mc Hale

The dreaded medicine.

 Say… how did JMK know that I was going to the vet today? (See comments on yesterday’s post.)




jkm said...

Oh Hawthorne- I am sorry to hear about your
episode at the vet. We all want you to be healthy
so take your meds like a good boy!
I must say your Dr. is really cute!
Take care,

Thomas Willerich said...

Don't worry, Hawthorne! The Lady and the Vet want to help you to become even healthier than you're currently feeling. And, be honest, such a nicely smiling man like Dr. Mc Hale cannot be a bad guy!

No matter how old you are. If you feel young, you ARE young (at least this is true for most of us humans). As you have already noticed you can eat more now, not the worst side effect!

I'm sure that you will like Ellie, too, when you meet her someday. Be patient!